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Continuing with their elements series, Betwixt and Between explore Air in this episode--what is it? How does it work? How do we interact with it? How many songs about Air can Between think of?

First in a two-part (or maybe more!) look at the Witchiness of this ethereal element.


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Hello to All, and a joyous winter season! This episode was recorded live at Draconis Arcanum in Nashville, TN, and we had a lot of fun doing it! Listen for a dive into the pages of Christine/Betwixt's new book!

Just after this triumph, unfortunately, Christine's mother passed away. Marijean/Between also has some huge life things going on, which we will talk about soon, so Betwixt and Between will be taking a break until February 2022. Have wonderful winter holidays, a bright new calendar year, and we will talk to you then!

The Witch at the Forest's Edge: Thirteen Keys to Modern Traditional Witchcraft

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Happy Samhain, Feast of All Souls, and Pagan New Year! Let's turn our thoughts to all things North with this episode, in which Betwixt and Between talk with Jennifer Hartman, founder of and author of Old Mother Frost and Who Is That in the Sky? Touching on everything from where to start with resources for pagan kiddos to handling bigotry and hatred in the community, we know you'll love our conversation with this dedicated content creator.

And if you are in the Nashville area, don't forget to join us on Saturday, November 6, for the celebration of the The Witch at the Forest's Edge being released!

Check out more details at Draconis Arcanum

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Have you met Annwyn Avalon? Well, you should! Join Betwixt and Between for this non-stop flow of fun and conversation with The Water Witch. Author of two books, teacher, and mentor to Water Witches, Annwyn has generously shared her experience and wisdom with us as we wrap up our look at the element of water.
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Happy! We missed you! After surviving cross-country journeys and the ups and downs of the summer, Betwixt and Between are back to talk about the magic of water. How do you use this element in magic? What spirits are associated with it? Does anyone REALLY not think water is magical? Is it a sea serpent, or is it a whale penis?



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Join us for our chat with Fire Lyte, of Inciting a Riot, about his book A Dabbler's Guide to Witchcraft: Seeking an Intentional Magical Path. A book we can highly recommend for those entering today's Pagan community, and for those trying to explain today's Pagan community to possible new seekers, A Dabbler's Guide addresses everything from making up your own path to cultural sensitivity. We certainly had a lot of fun covering it all!

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Second part of the Element series--let's talk water! What's your watershed area called? When's the last time you connected to the water cycle? How has water shaped the history of humanity's development? Betwixt and Between take a dip in the science and history of water. Part II, the Witchy side of water, coming soon!

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Happy belated April and Beltane to all! This special interview with Between and Niena (who was also featured in Episode 34!) is all about art. Why do humans create art? What about art is magical? How can you use art in Witchcraft? Is there a difference between "art" and "craft?" What should you do if you are recording a podcast and there is a sudden tornado? All this and more! And Betwixt, who was busy editing her new book (!!!!!!!) will be back in Episode 63!

Links for our guest!

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Are you new to the Craft? Are you overwhelmed and confused? Do you worry about “doing it right?” Well, friend, have a listen to this episode! Betwixt and Between wax on and on about their suggestions for getting started as a Witch.

Witch DO’s:

-Open your senses to the world around you

-Follow the ideas, trends, and impulses that give you joy

-Practice to care for and accept yourself

-Practice to grow in yourself

-Practice reciprocity


Witch Don’ts:

-Assume you have to choose a deity or practice with divinity at all

-Immediately spend tons of money on supplies

-Pressure yourself to do everything, especially if it doesn’t appeal to you

-Doubt your instincts or personal experience

-Accept any teaching or practice without critical examination

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Not ready to cool things off just yet, Betwixt and Between continue to talk about fire, but this time in a more magical context. Well, there's also a really big section about how not to burn your home down while doing candle magic. So yeah. Please don't do that. 

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Want to talk about fire magic? Well, first Betwixt and Between want to talk about fire science, of course! What is fire to us today? What is our relationship with it personally, and if it is a problematic one, can it be healed?

Get ready to heat things up, listen to plenty of rants, and, fair warning: Between is going to sing. 

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When is the last time a book "lit you up?" Have you ever broken up with an author? And have you tried bibliomancy lately? Betwixt and Between finish up 2020 by finishing up their discussion of using books in today's Witchcraft.


We hope that the turning of the calendar year finds you all safe and healthy, and looking forward to a better 2021!

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If you aren't all booked up, and are ready for a thrill up your spine, then pick up this episode! Witches everywhere love books, but some struggle with how to use them. Did you know you don't have to read every book cover-to-cover, and commit everything in it to memory? Did you know there are ways to determine if a book is right for you? We love this topic so much, we're covering it in two volumes!

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Betwixt and Between get cozy (as cozy as you can get on Zoom!) with Byron Ballard, "The Village Witch of Asheville." Delve into folklore, spiritual ancestry, Appalachian magic, and evolving modern-day Paganism as three Witches cackle about everything from book writing to menopause.


Also mentioned:

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Remember when you could travel to other states to visit friends, and stay in their houses? Remember when you could spend the day sitting around the same table with them, recording a podcast? We barely do, either, but then we found this episode! We've been hanging onto it since that magical era, and the time has come to release it!

Join Betwixt and Between as they talk about Alchemy with writer and alchemical enthusiast Bryson, who came down from the North with Glinda, oh those long, long months ago. What is alchemy? Is it the provenance of old white guys? How does it influence us today? Should you ever play with mercury? (Spoiler Alert: NO.)

In October we will return with more-or-less current recordings. Until then, be well!

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Maybe you are into tumbled stones, crystal healing, and moonstone jewelry, and maybe that's as far as it goes. But what ARE the rocks and crystals we work with? What makes them special? There's more to the earth than just the plants that grow out of it--the deep time of the planet and the process that formed it and everything around us (That are still forming it!) can affect our Craft in incredible ways. At least, that's what Betwixt and Between think (and Between is really into it right now, because she's doing geology with her daughter in homeschool).
For more, and more accurate, information, visit the GODDESS of Witching Geologically, Kathleen Borealis:
This Youtube video is a great overview of the formation of our planet:
And you know you want to learn about crinoids!
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Betwixt and Between interview Erika and Kyle, and couple who share a life and a love of the Craft. They also share with us how they grow both together and separately, how their other passions dovetail with their Witchcraft, and even how they share a common Witchy space. 


Erika and Kyle had launched a website to share their experiences,, and also have an Instagram, @hedgeandhomecraft. Check them out!


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Betwixt & Between delve into Tarot. In addition to the obligatory discussion of how they throw the cards, the discussion turns to history, books about Tarot, the Patriarchy in the Tarot, ways of reading, their favorite decks, and more!

Tarot for Creatives by Marielle S. Smith

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination by Robert M. Place

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, Mary K. Greer

Link to a list of decks for and by People of Color and LGBTQIA and Non-Binary folks

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Whether you are in quarantine during a pandemic, living in an area without an extensive Pagan community, taking a break from working with others, or just want to do your own thing, how do you self-educate yourself as a Witch? Betwixt and Between gab about the uses and drawbacks of books, the importance of hands-on work, and then get into their separate experiences of homeschooling their children. Even if you have no wee ones and the only person you ever plan on educating is you, there's something for everyone in this episode.

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Please excuse any weird sound stuff in this episode--Just like everyone else, B&B are recording remotely, staying at home in quarantine. How, as Witches, do we deal with this situation, or any major crisis, really? Join us as we share our experiences and thoughts on what Witches do when things get real.

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(Warning: we recorded this episode in February, before quarantines and primary elections. So it's a little dated. Plus, it's full of puns. So gird your loins.)

We couldn't pass up an opportunity to record with one of our favorite Witches, Glinda of the North, while she was in town to celebrate some important natal days. And with her recent experience visiting Lilydale, the modern home of the Spiritualism movement, and the research she's been conducting into that movement, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to to chat about that!

Enjoy! And you can find out more about Spiritualism at:

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Betwixt and Between continue their conversation about Hedges, physical and metaphysical. What are hedges for--to keep things out...or in? And what is our relationship to hedges in America? Why should this very European tradition have saliency for American Witches? Enjoy this further conversation about one of our favorite things!

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Happy 2020! Betwixt and Between kick off the year (sportsball pun not intended) with a two-part talk about hedges. What are they? Do we have them in our lives? How do we use them in the mundane and spiritual world? We can obviously talk about this forever. Hence, two episodes. Enjoy!

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In response to a listener request, Betwixt and Between talk pregnancy, childbirth, and newborns--real-life experiences and magical practices. Complete with interruptions from extant children!

A happy December and Season of Light to all.

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Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, and thank you for listening! Betwixt and Between revisit the concept of Witches Rest, talk about the current status of their Tradition, and generally find it hard to focus in the presence of the Witchlettes "being quiet."



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A real (ish) time recording! Betwixt and Between talk about Fall in their local environments and then share updates about their current lives and practices. Lots of changes have come down the proverbial pike!

Here are some links you may find useful while listening to this episode: (They have a wonderful blog, podcast, and two amazing books!) (Living history from the perspective of a person of color) (How to Make Everything--a GREAT time no matter what you're interested in!) (Styling vintage--informative and fun) (Cosplay and vintage style) (An exceptional student of historical dress and a gifted seamstress--especially for great information on misconceptions of corsets!) (For the SCA inclined)


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We are happy to report that Jacob is officially on the mend, and his first order of business (bless him) was to get us this episode! Just a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short, with this August episode!


Betwixt and Between, building on their chat with Kit and previous talk about ancestors, delve in this episode into what inspires them about the Stone Age (specifically the Meso and Neolithic periods). Brace yourselves for an abundant and childish use of "Homo" (sapiens, erectus, habulus...), yet ANOTHER recap of the production of fiber and clothing (Between has a problem), and a summary of Jean M. Auel's seminal works. And Between singing. Of course. 


Resources to check out: 

A History of the World in 100 Objects

Stories From the Stone Age

Ice Age Clip

Cave Art

Stonehenge Houses (Knee Impressions)


What are your favorite books from young adulthood? And which of them included Witches? Join our conversation with Jacob Haller, our Intrepid Editor, that crosses over with his wonderful podcast, Love YA Like Crazy. We examine what YA is, our favorite examples of Witches in the books we loved (and still love), and (unfortunately) beard nipples.


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Hello All Listeners! This episode, Betwixt and Between chat with and fangirl over Sara Schuster of the Tending Seeds podcast. Sara is an herbalist, homesteader, soapmaker, podcaster, and Plant Witch (among so many other things!). We hope you enjoy this talk as much as we did, and please go check her out on Instagram and give her wonderful show a listen!

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Buckle up, Witches! We're going WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back into the past to talk about the myth of, and evidence for, matrifocal culture and a "Goddess Worshipping Society." We just can't get enough of the Goddess talk! Instead of examining contemporary Triple Goddess praxis and belief, this time Betwixt and Between talk to their friend "Kit," a Witch who merges historical and archeological study with her magical path, about why the Goddess construct IS a positive thing, and where it actually may have come from historically. 

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Down at the Cross-Over, as it were, Betwixt and Between enjoy a fantastic conversation with Chris and Tara in this episode. Listen to hear all about their book, their Tradition, and just general merriment and comraderies. 


You can find out more about Chris and Tara at

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Back from her world travels, Between tells all about her trip to Thailand, with specific focus on the spirituality she encountered there. Make sure to check out the podcast website for lots of pictures!

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Maybe the Triple Goddess is a theological concept that really works for you...and maybe it isn't. Betwixt and Between explore the pros and cons of the Triple Goddess, examining experiences from their own lives, discussing the origins of the concept, and, of course, delving into hilarity. 

This episode does include discussions of fertility struggles and pregnancy loss.

It also includes a comparison of the hymen to both a balloon arch and swiss cheese, so...

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After looking back at the end of 2018, Between gets angry...but hopefully you'll still like her when she's angry. The discussion centers around Alex Mar's Witches of America, a book Between found...somewhat problematic. Consider the importance and power of how your story is told, and who should tell it (spoiler alert: it's you!).

Here's looking forward to an exciting 2019!

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Recorded over Thanksgiving weekend, Betwixt and Between gathered with Glinda and her wife, Bryson, and their collective 5 Witchlettes ranging in age from 2-8. What's it like for them, being raised by Witches? Are they Witches? How do they know? Find out in this short--but adorable--special episode!

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*There is a section of this episode with some troublesome audio, but we promise it's still worth a listen, and only a small portion of the discussion is affected.

B&B are super excited in this episode to interview "Niena," a Witch from Between's side of the sister Witch family, hailing all the way from the great state of Nevada (that's Ne-VA-dah, not Ne-VAAHH-dah). With this importance of working with ancestors in our practice and the practice of so many Witches today, what do you do if there is some real darkness in your past? How can it affect you spiritually, even if it comes from an ancestor you never personally met, and how can you handle that? This topic resulted in a discussion full of emotion and personal power, and we're honored to share it with you.

Happy belated Samhain, everyone!

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Happy September [cough, glances around sheepishly]! Betwixt and Between are so grateful to their special guest and Between’s mother, “Bewildered.” You will notice some audio quality discrepancies, but in a way it’s a good thing, because otherwise it would be very difficult to tell Between and Bewildered apart! (We suspect that Bewilderd’s mic got turned off.)

This episode’s topic is Bullying—what is it, who does it, what can you do about it if it happens to you? Special thanks to listener “M” who shared her experience with us.

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If you’ve been hungry for more Betwixt and Between, here’s an extra helping of goodies! B&B team up again with Glinda of the North to talk all about food. What starts out as a discussion of magical food prep soon boils over into a stew of the links between spirituality and food, healthy and disordered eating, food and our relationship with the land, food and our relationship with our ancestors…it’s a smorgasbord of topics and thoughts, all served with a side of cackling laughter. Bon appetit!

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If you don't listen to New World Witchery...why? But if you do, you've already heard the part of our crossover episode NWW posted. This is the other part! Betwixt and Between talk with Cory about their relationship with him as a Tradition member, and more about their personal practices of Witchcraft.

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Celebrating the fullness of summer with a look at ritual tools. What are they? What did Betwixt and Between used to use, and what are they into now? Are ritual tools just a Wiccan thing, or just a Witchcraft thing? Plenty of hilarity ensues, although in retrospect we can't tell you exactly why...

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What is a faerie? Why should you care? How should you interact with them? B&B talk all about the fey, their portrayals in myth, literature, pop culture, and modern Pagan practice. Can you work with Fey from the Old Country? Are there North American Faeries? Are all Faeries nature spirits? And can you talk for an hour when you have strep throat? Find out all this and more!

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This was meant to be the March episode, but…April Fools! Fill your podcast well with this episode, in which the ladies talk all about sacred wells, springs, ponds, various and sundry other waters, and magics associated with them. History, geology, anthropology, ecology, and lots of other “ologies” come together in this discussion, which turned out to be pretty deep (pun totally intended!).

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(Warning: we sing a lot in this episode. Proceed with caution!)

After having a “conversation” with Cory of New World Witchery via the magic of podcast editing about our new favorite topic—Community!—Betwixt and Between ask the question, is Witchcraft a religion? And then, what is religion? And then, can we sing this entire episode in the style of Gregorian chant? It gets pretty deep pretty fast. Enjoy!

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What kind of community is best for you? What kinds of communities are there? How do you find a community? How do you leave a community? WHAT EVEN IS A PAGAN COMMUNITY? In this long, and long-awaited, episode, Betwixt and Between discuss the what’s, why’s, and whichamacallit’s of spiritual community, sharing personal experiences and, of course, occasionally taking a bunny trail.

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Betwixt tells you everything you need to know about why we haven't put out an episode since October.

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Not all Witches jive with being “planted,” so what about Witches who’s jam is to be constantly on the go, but still want to connect with natural and ancestral spirits? Betwixt and Between dive into the spirit of the wanderers and reaching back to the ancestry of hunter gatherers, exploring a spirituality that’s a little less domestic and a lot more mobile. The discussion takes a sharp turn into musing about historical development of spiritualities along with the development of agriculture…super applicable, but very interesting! Also, prepare yourself for musical interludes.

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As Fall begins to roll in, Betwixt and Between sit down to share some listener emails and delve into more gardening, connecting, and living the Witchy life even when you don’t feel like your roots go that deep yet where you are.

Check out our website,, for links, pics, and more!

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Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back! After a summer sort-of-hiatus, Betwixt and Between are super excited to be back at it, and in an episode chock full of cicadas, birdsong, air traffic, and diversions, it’s time to discuss Magical Books. Explore the difference between books of shadows, grimoires, and other texts, pop culture references, and even texts “made of children.” Get ready for regular recording and more good times ahead.

Direct download: Betwixt_and_Between_Ep_23.mp3
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Betwixt gathers her sister friends, "Glinda of the North" and "Bryson," as well as Jacob, onto the roof of the seaside cottage her family rented this summer to talk old times and the role of spontaneity in Witchcraft.

Sometimes you need to plan, structure, and memorize your ritual lines...and sometimes (most of the time, when life becomes as busy as adult life can become?) you don't. Not comfortable with spontaneity? Don't worry--this conversation's got you covered!

Direct download: Episode_22-with_credits.mp3
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Listen up to find out what the heck happened to us releasing episodes once per month and for a peek into what's to come!

Direct download: 2017_Break_Update.mp3
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How certain do you have to be about your spiritual worldview, and is doubt something that only visits the spiritually inclinced? Betwixt and Between talk with Jacob Haller, our talented editor and longtime friend of Betwixt, who also happens to be an atheist. Also guest starring a chorus of Al Green's parishioners, AND dogs and chickens!

Direct download: Episode_21.mp3
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We, as a rule, try not to get too political on this podcast, but when the times call for it, who are we not to answer? Betwixt and Between are joined again in this episode by Glinda, the Witch of the North, who recounts her experiences at the Women’s March in January, and topics range from the Spell on Trump to the history of activism in Witchcraft.

Direct download: Episode_20.mp3
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Happy very very very very VERY late Winter Holidays! After a little discussion of their preparation for (ahem) Solstice and Christmas, Betwixt and Between get down to business talking about house spirits. Discussing both their own personal house spirit experiences and the range of such spirits from around the world, this episode is a great starting place for getting to know the brownies, tomtes, and wights in your life.


Note: Though we credit Between's Husband for editing the podcast, this is actually the first episode edited by our new editor, Jacob Haller.

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After resolving some technical issues, Betwixt and Between are back, and all about the magic of crafts. From incorporating handcrafts into rituals and spells to the magic inherent in crafts for their own sake, this is a cozy chat about it all (and no one dozes off in the process!). You might want to grab your knitting (or whatever your poison of choice is) for this one!

Pics and links at our Wordpress site.

Direct download: Nov_2016_mixdown.mp3
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It's been a LOOOOOOOOONG break, but Betwixt and Between are back with updates and answering (sort of? You'll see!) all of your wonderful questions. New episodes soon, and the long-awaited drawing!



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What is Witches' Rest? When is it? How long does it last, and what is allowed and forbidden? Recorded before the big winter holidays (and only put up just before Imbolc/Candlemas because, hey, that's how we roll!), this episode explores ideas of self-care, getting in touch with your needs and goals as a practitioner, being in touch with the actual occurrence of winter in your region, personal cycles of practice, giving yourself permission, and periods of immersion versus integrated rest into daily life. 

Quick personal updates: We both had lovely holidays with family, and Between finished her Witchlette's dollhouse, which received rave reviews. 

No baby yet, but we are expecting the Wee Miss any day now. Anticipation builds by the moment!

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Spinning off from the last episode, Betwixt and Between discuss the role of ancestors in their Witchcraft.

-What is an ancestor?

-Are we "all related?"

 -Must we only relate to ancestors in a construct of linear time?

 -What about adoption?

 -Can you work with ancestors to resolve troubles you had with them in life? What about to try and heal the systemic problems our ancestors created, such as racism? And if yes, should you?

 -Does work with ancestors intersect with work with the energy of a particular place or bioregion?

And, most importantly, have you sent in a question yet to be entered into the drawing for super-fun stuff?!??!?! Email us today!

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As part of the annual Samhain observance, Betwixt and Between talk about various ideas about the afterlife from a range of cultures, discuss how to reconcile ghosts, work with ancestors, and other spirit activity with beliefs about reincarnation and realms of punishment and reward, and ramble about personal experiences, as per usual.

And hey, don't forget to email us with a question or episode idea, and we'll enter you into a drawing for a Betwixt and Between care package! You can expect handmade WItchy items, herbs from our gardens, and other cool surprises! So email us at!


Check out our blog for pictures and links.

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Examining the practical application of the various spiritual influences that affect us all, Betwixt and Between discuss the ins and outs of an eclectic practice, including spiritual speed dating, finding your spiritual posse, and the perils of dream catchers.


*Apologies for the delay in publishing--this was meant to be the September episode. There will be an extra October episode to follow!

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In this episode, Betwixt and Between discuss mental illness, mental health, whether Witches and Pagans are "crazy," and, perhaps most vehemently of all, when and how we should reach out to people we think might need help. Drawing on their backgrounds of both personal and professional experience, they try to unpack the anxieties many may feel about seeking help for mental health problems, and offer suggestions for seeking resources. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, a more severe diagnosis like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, or is in an abusive situation, PLEASE reach out for help, and keep reaching out to different resources until someone listens. You are not alone, and there is hope out there for you.

Purely for informational purposes: The Structured Clinical Interview for Diagnosis website

Guide to developing a resources list for your area

Items you'll definitely want to include:

-Any community mental health clinics

-the number for your local Department of Children's Services

-the number(s) for any organizations established to aid victims of sexual assault or abuse

-the number(s) for any organizations or shelters for people dealing with domestic abuse, starting with a local YWCA

-the number(s) for any local crisis hotlines or walk-in crisis centers (always take someone to the ER if you don't have one of these in your area)

-the local suicide hotline number

-information such as numbers and websites for resources to help those without insurance

        Here are some things you might find helpful in that regard: 

State medicare contact number
Local health department apt to have low cost healthcare resources
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Back after a LOOOOOOOOONG break, we catch up on what we've been up to, then discuss the teaching of Witchcraft.

What is a Witch teacher? What purpose does having one serve? And what are the pitfalls of being one? 

It's good to be back!


Info about cover crops (in case you want to expand the metaphor).


Chickens--the coolest/weirdest heads ever.


The NWW episode we referenced.


Isaac Bonewits cult evaluation.


Sarah Lawless's take on teacher evaluation.


Check out our Wordpress site for pictures.

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Episode 10: Spellworkin'

What is a spell? When should you do one? What are the consequences? What are the mechanics? Betwixt and Between chat about their spell experiences, philosophies, and even foibles. 

Check out for book references, pictures of the weeds discussed in the show, and other such tidbits.

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Episode 9: Gardening, Ungardening, and Wilding

Betwixt and Between take time this episode to describe their gardens and how creating and tending them contributes to their individual spiritual practices. The discussion touches not only on the tended spaces, but on the untended spaces as well, and finally veers into a brief take on the recent online dialogue around Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

Check out our blog for pictures of parts of our gardens!

Some gardening and Green Witchy resources: (or google your local native plant society)


For those interested in the Apocalyptic Witchcraft dialogue, check out the following links(this is just a sampling):

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Episode 8: Cultural Appropriation

Betwixt and Between talk with Mihika, a dear friend, scholar, practicing Hindu, and blogger behind This discussion asks what is cultural appropriation, why can it be problematic, and then turns to how to share another's culture in a (hopefully) non-problematic way. Together they explore power dynamics and privledge, aesthetics vs. deeper cultural meanings, and the role of guilt in approaching one's non-native culture.

Thank you again to New World Witchery, the iPod Witch, and any other podcaster or blogger who has been supporting us. What a great community this is!

See show notes for images of and a mantra to Saraswati.

Resources that informed this show:

Inciting a Riot, Episode 38: Inciting a Hindu Riot (and the latest episode, #88, is about privledge. Co-inkydink!)

Devin Hunter's Modern Witch (Not Pagan Rapport, which is also lovely) Season 4, Episode 16: Pagans and Privilege

Lamplighter Blues, Episode 10: Baucherei (Not Pow Wow. Sheesh! Not batting 1000 here with the references...)

The Wild Hunt, "Hinduism, Indo-Paganism, and Cultural Appropriation" by Jason Pitzl-Waters

"Why I Can't Stand White Belly Dancers" by Randa Jarrar 

See show notes for a Privilege Walk workshop.

And special thanks to Milk and Magpie for creating some wonderful Betwixt and Between artwork for us!

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Episode 7: Initiation

What is initiation? Who does it? How do you do it? Why should you do it? Is it necessary? Betwixt and Between discuss the purposes and elements of initiation in this episode, as well as sharing some personal updates and fielding more animal hilarity.

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Episode 6: Spring Update and a Personal Wheel

* Disclaimer: No drugs or alcohol were consumed prior to or during the recording of this episode, by humans or animals. It was just one of those nights. 

After a brief review of what they've each been up to recently and how they celebrated the Spring Sabbats, Betwixt and Between discuss why the Eight Sabbats, and how they connect with each personally and augment with additional celebrations throughout the year. Hilarity ensues when sleep deprivation and one crazy little cat take their toll. 

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Episode 5: Balancing the Liminal and the Now

Betwixt and Between are joined by "Glinda, the Witch of the North," in this discussion about returning to mudane reality after experiences of altered consciousness. If you have ever had trouble grounding after trancework, hedgecrossing, or even have just had one too many visions out of the corner of your eye, tune in to hear how three Witches bring it on back home.

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Episode 4: Beyond 101

Betwixt and Between discuss the process of getting to the next level of Witchcraft from pretty much wherever one is--anyone from newbie to advanced initiate can learn more--but especially when growing from the basics. They have book recomendations, practical suggestions, and of course skip down multiple bunny tails along the way.

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How do you keep up with your practice, and can you see what you already do for what it is? Betwixt and Between examine their personal devotions and discuss overcoming obstacles to both engaging in integrated everyday practice and to pursuing more specialized work. Talk ranges from gardening to altars to hedgecrossing, complete with plenty of personal anecdotes.

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Post holiday season (i.e. Samhian - Yule) Betwixt and Between recount their experiences of making the winter Sabbats personal and relevent to their own familes and small children (with a sidebar about Passover...). They also discuss involving community in their celebrations, and look ahead to the coming year.


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Episode One: Introductions

Show notes:

In this first episode, Betwixt and Between introduce themselves and compare their histories as Witches leading up to the present day.

Show Host Bios:

Betwixt is a mother, wife, grad student, and witch living a stone's throw from Between in the American South. Her witch's cottage is a spirit-filled late Victorian farmhouse that is now smack in the midst of a city. A dog, two cats, sundry houseplants, and many, many houseplants also share her home. Betwixt is hopelessly in love with making new things and finding old things. Her craft is also informed by her ancestry in the British Isles, her travels, local ecology, and her childhood living here, there, and everywhere, but mostly beside the ocean.

Between is a massage therapist, fiber artist, writer, mother of one amazing little daughter, and wife to one particularly Hobbit-like man, living about a mile as the owl flies from Betwixt in the rolling green hills of the American South. Her human family shares their mid-twentieth-century brick Tudor cottage with three dogs, three cats, two snakes, a growing school of freshwater fish, and a barely-controlled stash of yarn and fabric. Always with one foot, and possibly one or both hands, in a different world, and never without a project (especially knitting), Between's craft is informed by her Brittish Isles heritage, her Catholic, Anglican, and Buddhist/Hindu family heritage, her love of dance and books and music, the really disorganized, overgrown, and largely neglected garden, and the land beneath her feet wherever they touch down. 

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