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Recorded over Thanksgiving weekend, Betwixt and Between gathered with Glinda and her wife, Bryson, and their collective 5 Witchlettes ranging in age from 2-8. What's it like for them, being raised by Witches? Are they Witches? How do they know? Find out in this short--but adorable--special episode!

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*There is a section of this episode with some troublesome audio, but we promise it's still worth a listen, and only a small portion of the discussion is affected.

B&B are super excited in this episode to interview "Niena," a Witch from Between's side of the sister Witch family, hailing all the way from the great state of Nevada (that's Ne-VA-dah, not Ne-VAAHH-dah). With this importance of working with ancestors in our practice and the practice of so many Witches today, what do you do if there is some real darkness in your past? How can it affect you spiritually, even if it comes from an ancestor you never personally met, and how can you handle that? This topic resulted in a discussion full of emotion and personal power, and we're honored to share it with you.

Happy belated Samhain, everyone!

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Happy September [cough, glances around sheepishly]! Betwixt and Between are so grateful to their special guest and Between’s mother, “Bewildered.” You will notice some audio quality discrepancies, but in a way it’s a good thing, because otherwise it would be very difficult to tell Between and Bewildered apart! (We suspect that Bewilderd’s mic got turned off.)

This episode’s topic is Bullying—what is it, who does it, what can you do about it if it happens to you? Special thanks to listener “M” who shared her experience with us.

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If you’ve been hungry for more Betwixt and Between, here’s an extra helping of goodies! B&B team up again with Glinda of the North to talk all about food. What starts out as a discussion of magical food prep soon boils over into a stew of the links between spirituality and food, healthy and disordered eating, food and our relationship with the land, food and our relationship with our ancestors…it’s a smorgasbord of topics and thoughts, all served with a side of cackling laughter. Bon appetit!

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If you don't listen to New World Witchery...why? But if you do, you've already heard the part of our crossover episode NWW posted. This is the other part! Betwixt and Between talk with Cory about their relationship with him as a Tradition member, and more about their personal practices of Witchcraft.

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Celebrating the fullness of summer with a look at ritual tools. What are they? What did Betwixt and Between used to use, and what are they into now? Are ritual tools just a Wiccan thing, or just a Witchcraft thing? Plenty of hilarity ensues, although in retrospect we can't tell you exactly why...

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What is a faerie? Why should you care? How should you interact with them? B&B talk all about the fey, their portrayals in myth, literature, pop culture, and modern Pagan practice. Can you work with Fey from the Old Country? Are there North American Faeries? Are all Faeries nature spirits? And can you talk for an hour when you have strep throat? Find out all this and more!

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This was meant to be the March episode, but…April Fools! Fill your podcast well with this episode, in which the ladies talk all about sacred wells, springs, ponds, various and sundry other waters, and magics associated with them. History, geology, anthropology, ecology, and lots of other “ologies” come together in this discussion, which turned out to be pretty deep (pun totally intended!).

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(Warning: we sing a lot in this episode. Proceed with caution!)

After having a “conversation” with Cory of New World Witchery via the magic of podcast editing about our new favorite topic—Community!—Betwixt and Between ask the question, is Witchcraft a religion? And then, what is religion? And then, can we sing this entire episode in the style of Gregorian chant? It gets pretty deep pretty fast. Enjoy!

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What kind of community is best for you? What kinds of communities are there? How do you find a community? How do you leave a community? WHAT EVEN IS A PAGAN COMMUNITY? In this long, and long-awaited, episode, Betwixt and Between discuss the what’s, why’s, and whichamacallit’s of spiritual community, sharing personal experiences and, of course, occasionally taking a bunny trail.

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Betwixt tells you everything you need to know about why we haven't put out an episode since October.

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