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When is the last time a book "lit you up?" Have you ever broken up with an author? And have you tried bibliomancy lately? Betwixt and Between finish up 2020 by finishing up their discussion of using books in today's Witchcraft.


We hope that the turning of the calendar year finds you all safe and healthy, and looking forward to a better 2021!

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If you aren't all booked up, and are ready for a thrill up your spine, then pick up this episode! Witches everywhere love books, but some struggle with how to use them. Did you know you don't have to read every book cover-to-cover, and commit everything in it to memory? Did you know there are ways to determine if a book is right for you? We love this topic so much, we're covering it in two volumes!

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Betwixt and Between get cozy (as cozy as you can get on Zoom!) with Byron Ballard, "The Village Witch of Asheville." Delve into folklore, spiritual ancestry, Appalachian magic, and evolving modern-day Paganism as three Witches cackle about everything from book writing to menopause.


Also mentioned:

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Remember when you could travel to other states to visit friends, and stay in their houses? Remember when you could spend the day sitting around the same table with them, recording a podcast? We barely do, either, but then we found this episode! We've been hanging onto it since that magical era, and the time has come to release it!

Join Betwixt and Between as they talk about Alchemy with writer and alchemical enthusiast Bryson, who came down from the North with Glinda, oh those long, long months ago. What is alchemy? Is it the provenance of old white guys? How does it influence us today? Should you ever play with mercury? (Spoiler Alert: NO.)

In October we will return with more-or-less current recordings. Until then, be well!

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Maybe you are into tumbled stones, crystal healing, and moonstone jewelry, and maybe that's as far as it goes. But what ARE the rocks and crystals we work with? What makes them special? There's more to the earth than just the plants that grow out of it--the deep time of the planet and the process that formed it and everything around us (That are still forming it!) can affect our Craft in incredible ways. At least, that's what Betwixt and Between think (and Between is really into it right now, because she's doing geology with her daughter in homeschool).
For more, and more accurate, information, visit the GODDESS of Witching Geologically, Kathleen Borealis:
This Youtube video is a great overview of the formation of our planet:
And you know you want to learn about crinoids!
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Betwixt and Between interview Erika and Kyle, and couple who share a life and a love of the Craft. They also share with us how they grow both together and separately, how their other passions dovetail with their Witchcraft, and even how they share a common Witchy space. 


Erika and Kyle had launched a website to share their experiences,, and also have an Instagram, @hedgeandhomecraft. Check them out!


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Betwixt & Between delve into Tarot. In addition to the obligatory discussion of how they throw the cards, the discussion turns to history, books about Tarot, the Patriarchy in the Tarot, ways of reading, their favorite decks, and more!

Tarot for Creatives by Marielle S. Smith

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination by Robert M. Place

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, Mary K. Greer

Link to a list of decks for and by People of Color and LGBTQIA and Non-Binary folks

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Whether you are in quarantine during a pandemic, living in an area without an extensive Pagan community, taking a break from working with others, or just want to do your own thing, how do you self-educate yourself as a Witch? Betwixt and Between gab about the uses and drawbacks of books, the importance of hands-on work, and then get into their separate experiences of homeschooling their children. Even if you have no wee ones and the only person you ever plan on educating is you, there's something for everyone in this episode.

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Please excuse any weird sound stuff in this episode--Just like everyone else, B&B are recording remotely, staying at home in quarantine. How, as Witches, do we deal with this situation, or any major crisis, really? Join us as we share our experiences and thoughts on what Witches do when things get real.

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(Warning: we recorded this episode in February, before quarantines and primary elections. So it's a little dated. Plus, it's full of puns. So gird your loins.)

We couldn't pass up an opportunity to record with one of our favorite Witches, Glinda of the North, while she was in town to celebrate some important natal days. And with her recent experience visiting Lilydale, the modern home of the Spiritualism movement, and the research she's been conducting into that movement, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to to chat about that!

Enjoy! And you can find out more about Spiritualism at:

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Betwixt and Between continue their conversation about Hedges, physical and metaphysical. What are hedges for--to keep things out...or in? And what is our relationship to hedges in America? Why should this very European tradition have saliency for American Witches? Enjoy this further conversation about one of our favorite things!

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Happy 2020! Betwixt and Between kick off the year (sportsball pun not intended) with a two-part talk about hedges. What are they? Do we have them in our lives? How do we use them in the mundane and spiritual world? We can obviously talk about this forever. Hence, two episodes. Enjoy!

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