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Hello to All, and a joyous winter season! This episode was recorded live at Draconis Arcanum in Nashville, TN, and we had a lot of fun doing it! Listen for a dive into the pages of Christine/Betwixt's new book!

Just after this triumph, unfortunately, Christine's mother passed away. Marijean/Between also has some huge life things going on, which we will talk about soon, so Betwixt and Between will be taking a break until February 2022. Have wonderful winter holidays, a bright new calendar year, and we will talk to you then!

The Witch at the Forest's Edge: Thirteen Keys to Modern Traditional Witchcraft

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Happy Samhain, Feast of All Souls, and Pagan New Year! Let's turn our thoughts to all things North with this episode, in which Betwixt and Between talk with Jennifer Hartman, founder of and author of Old Mother Frost and Who Is That in the Sky? Touching on everything from where to start with resources for pagan kiddos to handling bigotry and hatred in the community, we know you'll love our conversation with this dedicated content creator.

And if you are in the Nashville area, don't forget to join us on Saturday, November 6, for the celebration of the The Witch at the Forest's Edge being released!

Check out more details at Draconis Arcanum

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Have you met Annwyn Avalon? Well, you should! Join Betwixt and Between for this non-stop flow of fun and conversation with The Water Witch. Author of two books, teacher, and mentor to Water Witches, Annwyn has generously shared her experience and wisdom with us as we wrap up our look at the element of water.
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Happy! We missed you! After surviving cross-country journeys and the ups and downs of the summer, Betwixt and Between are back to talk about the magic of water. How do you use this element in magic? What spirits are associated with it? Does anyone REALLY not think water is magical? Is it a sea serpent, or is it a whale penis?



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Join us for our chat with Fire Lyte, of Inciting a Riot, about his book A Dabbler's Guide to Witchcraft: Seeking an Intentional Magical Path. A book we can highly recommend for those entering today's Pagan community, and for those trying to explain today's Pagan community to possible new seekers, A Dabbler's Guide addresses everything from making up your own path to cultural sensitivity. We certainly had a lot of fun covering it all!

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Second part of the Element series--let's talk water! What's your watershed area called? When's the last time you connected to the water cycle? How has water shaped the history of humanity's development? Betwixt and Between take a dip in the science and history of water. Part II, the Witchy side of water, coming soon!

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Happy belated April and Beltane to all! This special interview with Between and Niena (who was also featured in Episode 34!) is all about art. Why do humans create art? What about art is magical? How can you use art in Witchcraft? Is there a difference between "art" and "craft?" What should you do if you are recording a podcast and there is a sudden tornado? All this and more! And Betwixt, who was busy editing her new book (!!!!!!!) will be back in Episode 63!

Links for our guest!

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Are you new to the Craft? Are you overwhelmed and confused? Do you worry about “doing it right?” Well, friend, have a listen to this episode! Betwixt and Between wax on and on about their suggestions for getting started as a Witch.

Witch DO’s:

-Open your senses to the world around you

-Follow the ideas, trends, and impulses that give you joy

-Practice to care for and accept yourself

-Practice to grow in yourself

-Practice reciprocity


Witch Don’ts:

-Assume you have to choose a deity or practice with divinity at all

-Immediately spend tons of money on supplies

-Pressure yourself to do everything, especially if it doesn’t appeal to you

-Doubt your instincts or personal experience

-Accept any teaching or practice without critical examination

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Not ready to cool things off just yet, Betwixt and Between continue to talk about fire, but this time in a more magical context. Well, there's also a really big section about how not to burn your home down while doing candle magic. So yeah. Please don't do that. 

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Want to talk about fire magic? Well, first Betwixt and Between want to talk about fire science, of course! What is fire to us today? What is our relationship with it personally, and if it is a problematic one, can it be healed?

Get ready to heat things up, listen to plenty of rants, and, fair warning: Between is going to sing. 

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