Betwixt and Between
Episode 8: Cultural Appropriation

Betwixt and Between talk with Mihika, a dear friend, scholar, practicing Hindu, and blogger behind This discussion asks what is cultural appropriation, why can it be problematic, and then turns to how to share another's culture in a (hopefully) non-problematic way. Together they explore power dynamics and privledge, aesthetics vs. deeper cultural meanings, and the role of guilt in approaching one's non-native culture.

Thank you again to New World Witchery, the iPod Witch, and any other podcaster or blogger who has been supporting us. What a great community this is!

See show notes for images of and a mantra to Saraswati.

Resources that informed this show:

Inciting a Riot, Episode 38: Inciting a Hindu Riot (and the latest episode, #88, is about privledge. Co-inkydink!)

Devin Hunter's Modern Witch (Not Pagan Rapport, which is also lovely) Season 4, Episode 16: Pagans and Privilege

Lamplighter Blues, Episode 10: Baucherei (Not Pow Wow. Sheesh! Not batting 1000 here with the references...)

The Wild Hunt, "Hinduism, Indo-Paganism, and Cultural Appropriation" by Jason Pitzl-Waters

"Why I Can't Stand White Belly Dancers" by Randa Jarrar 

See show notes for a Privilege Walk workshop.

And special thanks to Milk and Magpie for creating some wonderful Betwixt and Between artwork for us!

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