Betwixt and Between
Episode 6: Spring Update and a Personal Wheel

* Disclaimer: No drugs or alcohol were consumed prior to or during the recording of this episode, by humans or animals. It was just one of those nights. 

After a brief review of what they've each been up to recently and how they celebrated the Spring Sabbats, Betwixt and Between discuss why the Eight Sabbats, and how they connect with each personally and augment with additional celebrations throughout the year. Hilarity ensues when sleep deprivation and one crazy little cat take their toll. 

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Episode 5: Balancing the Liminal and the Now

Betwixt and Between are joined by "Glinda, the Witch of the North," in this discussion about returning to mudane reality after experiences of altered consciousness. If you have ever had trouble grounding after trancework, hedgecrossing, or even have just had one too many visions out of the corner of your eye, tune in to hear how three Witches bring it on back home.

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